The steps involved along the way of renewal include submitting a passport renewal 
application form and important documents like identification, birth certificate, 
citizenship proof and passport-size photos. Besides this, the payment is also to 
be added with the forms submitted. Sometimes certain modifications or amendments 
need to be manufactured in printed passports, which is why submitting a passport renewing 
application is required.

Normally, the process of Nigerian passport renewal does not take too much time, 6 weeks on average. 
But in cases of emergency, the process may be hasten, reducing the time taken to 1 

Owing to security issues the method of passport renewal has been made more rigid and 
complex. This has been done by including digital photographs, biometric technology, 
and the most recent, e-passport. However, passport renewal is not an expensive 
service, and provides us with a gateway to the world outside our national borders.


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