According to  NaijaGist Akiin Shuga delivered a breathtaking performance at AFRIMA that was held in Lagos on November 15,2015. The inspirational rendition of'I Can Walk ', a tune focused on survivors of polio,by Akiin complemented by the Shuga band was given a standing ovation by guests.

This performance facing 1000s of Africans gave a brand new perspective concerning the battle against polio and how its survivors braved all odds. Akiin Shuga is a reference point for live performance. The passion which he brings to his numerous performances coupled with the the talented Shuga band makes him stand out among Nigerian artistes. Watch the video from the performance at AFRIMA

The rapper and actor formerly known as Mos Def was spotted yesterday at Alara store in Victoria Island.


Photo of the day!

In case the Keep Off Sign wasn't clear enough. Lol. Photo Credit: Twitter @chineduozordi

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